At the University of Chicago, what is the best Gen Ed Civilizations sequence to take?

I know that there is a Civilizations sequence that all undergrads have to take at the University of Chicago. And I know that one has the option of completing it during a Study Abroad Quarter. What I want to know is, should I complete the Civ sequence in Chicago or abroad?

In particular, I’m interested in knowing the pros and cons of each option. Thanks!

Ultimately, choosing whether or not you want to complete your Civ sequence abroad comes down to personal preference. However, it is important to be strategic about when you choose to do the Civ sequence. If you are going to do Civ abroad, I highly recommend completing it before your 3rd year or at the end of 4th year, so you avoid interrupting your major.

Some pros of doing Civ abroad include exploring a new city & country, combining classroom learning with field trips, avoiding the miserable Chicago winters, learning a new language. Some cons of doing Civ abroad include interrupting any internships/research positions you had on campus, missing out on courses only offered in Chicago, interfering with your thesis (if you study abroad at the wrong time).

Here is a link to a page with contact information of Study Abroad Ambassadors at the University of Chicago. Speaking to them will give you a better sense of what studying abroad is like.