At the University of Chicago, what Humanities sequence should I take?

I’m interested in studying Physics or Computer Science at the University of Chicago. I was looking at the curriculum and I see I have to take a two or three course Humanities sequence. Any suggestions on what I should take?

My suggestion would be for you to read the course descriptions of each Humanities sequence. If anything strikes you as particularly interesting, then go for that sequence. If all the course descriptions sound a little vague and unfamiliar (don’t worry it’s not just you!), then I would recommend you shortlist the sequences you think you do not want to take. When it comes time to register for classes, list all the sequences you did not rule out and see what you get placed in. At the end of the day, don’t worry too much about what sequence you end up in, since all the sequences, have the same objective: teaching you how to read analytically and write critically.

My personal recommendation is the Philosophical Perspectives sequence. You will have the opportunity to gain exposure to some really cool thinkers and ideas. Be forewarned: the readings can be very dense and very long!