Are the humanities worth studying in today's economy and job market?

Are the humanities worth studying in today’s economy and job market?

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This is a great question, and as a person who has two degrees in history, I understand your concern!

Some majors get a bad reputation for aligning you with limited professional options upon graduation (think majors like history, English, comparative literature, etc.). What do you do if you really enjoy one of these areas, and hope to pursue it regardless? The most important thing is to not wait till the last minute of undergrad to get some guidance. Talk to your school’s career center early on, maybe even before you officially commit to a major, and see what past graduates in your area have gone on to professional pursue after college. Also, enhance and diversify your skills by finding internship or pre-professional opportunities in the summer that will help you develop a resume of other things to offer that may be appealing to employers. Lastly, remember that if you truly love whatever it is you major in, you will find a way to market yourself highlighting your experience in that intellectual field as an asset. People who study liberal arts or humanities subjects are a different sort of thinker, and can provide balance in an increasingly quantitative professional world.

Check out this essay for a great argument about the value of humanities: