Are my chances ruined


Hello, I was wondering if my GPA had already ruined my chances of getting into a top 20 school. I am currently in my second semester of 10th grade and my GPA is about a 3.5( not including this current semester I am in) due to me getting a C in my first semester of AP world history. I am currently scheduled to take 4 AP classes and one honors class junior year which will hopefully help make up for a bad start and I will also be obtaining tutors in those classes if necessary. Also, I hope to do very well on the SAT, as my PSAT scores were in 87th percentile and I am going to take a several hours a week prep class over the summer.

BTW(background info): I attended a small private school all my life before high school with a total of 16 kids in my grade and then moved to a large public high school with 650+ kids in each grade and struggled adjusting to the very different environment and have not joined any extracurriculars yet but I did have a part time job and have received Honor roll awards and one other school award.
I appreciate you taking the time to read this.


Hi! I would say this is quite bad news and is a significant negative for your transcript but the world is not over and there’s still hope and we have helped a lot of students with a situation like this then get into top 20. Can you please send me your full academic transcript and CV with extra-curriculars and I’ll see what we could potentially do to increase your candidacy?