Are AP tests that worth it?


I am in my junior year, but I am just starting to take AP tests. I heard that even if you take AP tests in your senior year, they won’t be of use in my college application. Firstly, is this true? And secondly, are AP test scores valuable in the college application? To what degree do I have to prioritize them? Are they more important than SAT scores or my GPA?


This is a great question!

AP Tests are worth it as they can convert into college credit if you score a 4 or 5. Each university has a different policy about this, so please check your university of preference to confirm whether you will get credit for your high-scoring APs.
Also now that there are no SAT subject tests, AP tests are considered as substitutes for them.

All said, though, your GPA is the most valuable score, followed by the SAT. Now that many schools are test-optional or test-blind, having a good GPA is your best asset for applications. Plus, if you feel like you will not score well on your APs, then maybe best to focus on your classes in school and get good grades there.

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