Are AP exams valued by Oxbridge

Can anyone tell me if AP exams are considered at all by Oxbridge. Doing the IB but should i do some AP exams as well. If so does anyone know how to do them in Sydney as an external applicant.

Hey tardis59,

The ap exams are an excellent way to show your academic prowess, meaning they are great on an application for Oxbridge. Oxbridge likes to see a deep understanding and passion for your subject area of interest, so you’d want to take ap exams related to what you’d like to study at uni. Especially living outside of the US it shows you went out of your way to extend your learning. Of course, your school grades are very inportant so don’t jeopardise those for the sake of taking extra exams!
In terms of Sydney, you can take them at Sceggs Redlands (they were offered at St Vincent’s but I believe there has been a switchover for 2017) and they’re tested for two weeks in May. You can just call Redlands in late Jan or early Feb when school goes back and register with them, nothing strenuous.

Thnx Alex for that information

Tardis, for some more insight:

You can use the AP exams to add subject expertise that falls outside of the scope of your IB. Their is some value but it is marginal of re-doing IB subjects at the AP Level so focus effort on new subjects.

UK Universities have a full and complete understanding of AP exams, what they mean and how they are scored.

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