APs in Australia

Hi there,

I’m in Australia and thinking of applying to top US colleges. I know that a lot of people in the US take a lot of AP classes, however I don’t think there is a way to do so where I am. Just wondering if it would disadvantage me in my application and if there are other things I can participate in to make up for it?


Reikoo - Thank you, a very fair comment. There is no international expectation that you take AP exams. Most schools internationally do IB, CIE, or regional curricula and admissions officers expect that from international students and adjust their evaluations accordingly. Your application will be judged against fellow students from Australia (there is likely one regional admissions officer assigned to Oceania who will be looking at all those applications together) so do not be worried about being explicitly disadvantaged against Americans because you do not take AP classes.

To add to David’s answer, it is possible to register to take the APs in Australia, independent of your school, in order to stand out among applicants!

Crimson has experience advising and tutoring Australian students to achieve perfect scores in multiple AP exams in order to enhance their candidacy.