Application and acceptance rates per subject / 2016


Hi where can I find the acceptance rates per college for Economics at Cambridge for 2016/17


Hi Tardis,

I have gone through and created a spreadsheet for you outlining the admit rate of various colleges based off some historical data for your reference. Hopefully this helps you evaluate options. You’ll see King’s College, Cambridge is most competitive. This is actually where I received my offer from and I applied here considering the competitive landscape but figuring if I was going to Cambridge, I wanted to be at the best college. The college you target needs to align with your needs in a college as a student - the professors, the location, the culture, the facilities and also your candidacy.

p.s. I excluded Lucy Cavendish College as it doesn’t take economics students most years.

Here are the 5 most competitive colleges by acceptance rate!

  1. King’s College (8.2%)
  2. Robinson College (10%)
  3. Clare College (10.3%)
  4. Corpus Christi College (12.5%)
  5. Fitzwilliam College (13.1%)