AP exams - how many to take?

AP exams - with current rat race for admission what is the minimum number that one should take to get into good university ? Also for UC ?
Thanks !!

The number of AP exams you should take would depend on a number of things such as your current curriculum and also the universities you are aiming for.

In the states, students typically take 3 - 10 APs, depending on the school and what is offered.

In NZ, if you are doing NCEA, then perhaps you can take 5-6 APs, if you are taking IB or A levels, then you can take 2-3 APs in other subjects.

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As an NCEA student, does not taking any APs put you at a disadvantage?

It wouldn’t a few years ago, but now it’s very competitive. To be a competitive NCEA applicant, I recommend to take a few APs or SAT Subject tests - both are ok and both are similar level in difficulty.

Is 2 subject test sufficient? Also for NCEA student who’s taken Lvl 2 Physics and Chem, which would be easier?

2 is sufficient for most schools but the more you take the better it is (of
course you need to have a high score in all of the tests you take otherwise
there’s no point). Some schools require 3.

Physics is a lot harder than chem.

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Hi Victor,

I looked on the Ivy+ website and it said you strongly recommend students to take the ACT over SAT - what’s the reasoning behind this?

Also do you guys still run SAT prep course - the elite/crash course at all?

SAT has been revamped recently and so there is not a lot of practise material. A lot of people also cheat in the SAT, so it has been cancelled before after the testing session.

No SAT prep course - we run one-on-one tutoring in SAT and ACT only now.