Affording crimson help

Hello there.
I am currently a grade 9 student in South Africa, at a well known private school, on a bursary. I am very involved in all aspects of my school life (e.g sport, culturally and have above 90 % aggregrate) and am considering applying overseas in the US or UK for university. I have read a lot about Crimson and I think the help with SAT and extracurricular advice could be really beneficial for me. I do think, however, that I would not be able to afford Crimson’s services. Is Crimson able to help this in any way? Also- how possible is it to receive funding for university overseas? I am definitely prepared to work hard towards it if so.

Hey! Crimson has a scholarship program where based on demonstrated financial need you can qualify for program subsidies. We also have scholarships for certain student profiles such as this one:

Fire me an email with your current academic subjects in high school/intermediate, any extra-curriculars you are involved in so far and some dream universities. I will connect you to the right person in our South African team -