ACT Study books and SAT Subjects


Which books would you recommend for ACT Study? Would you recommend getting one general ACT study book as well as 4 other books for the different sections? As well, are there any NZ sites I get these books on, so it doesn’t take weeks to arrive, because I’m looking at doing the ACT in April and I really need to start studying very soon.

Lastly, would you recommend taking SAT Subject tests? Whilst the answer is most likely yes, because I’ve left my standardised testing so late, next year I want to be putting my entire attention into Level 3 and Schol exams as well as my essays. My ‘dream schools’ are Columbia, Wharton, NYU Stern, as well as other Ivy Leagues (still forming my college list), and those universities say that not taking SAT Subjects won’t disadvantage you. Is this really the case? Why take SAT Subjects if you won’t be at an advantage for schools that don’t require or recommend them?

Thank you!


The schools say you don’t need to take SAT Subject Tests but in the land of competitive college admissions, “optional” is “compulsory”. At Crimson, we have a massive data-set with thousands of results from which we build a prediction algorithm which shows that SAT Subject Tests boost your odds and continue to boost your odds the more you do (up to the point of 6). I spoke about this a little here:

Fire an email to with your NCEA Level 2 scores - from there I can tell you which books you will need or don’t need based on your current ability so you don’t waste any money on unnecessary books. Also, please attach your extra-curriculars and CV