Transfer student

Hi does anyone know, when you apply for admission as a transfer student after doing 1 year in Aussie/NZ to a top US college do they focus more on what you got in SAT/ University grades or Highschool grades,
Because I did very well at university (straight A’s) and a high SAT but high school I was incredibly slack and only just passed NCEA with merit

Hi theresagirl1996,
SAT and University are way more important, especially if you’ve displayed improvement since high school. If you kill it at Uni and on the SAT, you’ll be good to go. See this link for more advice on transfer: Is it possible to transfer to a U.S. university?

Feel free to ask more questions!

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Hi theresagirl1996,

Thanks for your question! I totally agree with g.gladstein - your uni grades and SAT are more important because it shows your academic ability and proves to them that you are likely to succeed in tertiary institutions in the US. In addition, the majority of schools requires a short personal statement that allows you to demonstrate your institutional fit and passion for intended major - that’s quite important as well.

Please let us know if you have more questions!!