Yale-NUS (with aid) VS UC Berkeley for CS

I am enrolling this fall to study Computer Science. My options are Yale-NUS (which after aid and tuition grant costs me 15,00,000 INR) and Berkeley (which costs me 1,80,00,000 INR). My main priority is employment, job security and stay back.
Considering the strength of its CS program and Bay Area placements, Berkeley is a stronger choice. However, considering the political situation in US, I feel that stay back in Singapore is better. Further, if I do UG from Yale-NUS and PG from US, then I’ll have both countries open to me anyway. In that case, if I have to leave US some time after PG, I can always use my Yale-NUS degree to find employment in Singapore.
I also need to consider my Master’s prospects from both colleges, but I don’t know much about that and hope you could advise me more on that too.