Where should I study engineering in New Zealand?


I am pretty sure that I want to study engineering but I’m not sure where to go! What are my options and what are the advantages and disadvantages of each place?


Your main two options are The University of Auckland (UoA) and The University of Canterbury (UC).

I chose to study at UC (did one semester before moving to the U.S.) and I absolutely loved it. No regrets.

In my opinion/experience both engineering courses are ranked similarly and will afford you similar opportunities upon graduation. That said they have their differences.

Namely, I got the impression that UoA is bigger, more competitive and since it is in Auckland, it has more integration into a range of professional fields besides engineering (should you choose to pursue a career or want to explore something else). If you want to leave NZ and achieve big things abroad then I would say that (as a big generalization) UoA is your best bet, mostly because it is part of a more global city.

That said, I chose UC because of the great engineering course, the more “NZ” lifestyle and the people. Just like Auckland (and a lot of NZ universities), there are endless opportunities if you track down the right people and get into conversation. Given it’s location and campus university characteristics, UC attracts great people with a healthy work-life balance. I got a lot done and worked hard and also met a ton of people and had a lot of fun. You can go skiing or to the beach during the weekends, drive around the South Island and see friends at The University of Otago.

You can’t really go wrong and what suits one person may not suit another. I hope I helped you with the decision - message me if you want to chat!

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