Where can students practice sports on or around campus?


Where can students practice sports on or around campus?


There are few different spots on campus and nearby for students to practice sports. A lot of sports teams book the Multi-Purpose Hall (MPH) (pictured) to practice in there, including the basketball team, volleyball team, tchoukball team, badminton team, and plenty others. It basically functions as a sports hall and is well and good for all sports of that nature, although demand can get quite high around popular practice times.

The Cendana field is a solid location for outdoor sports and is frequently used by the Ultimate Frisbee team and the touch rugby team. For sports requiring other specialized arenas, there are a few accessible off-campus spots. The Stephen Riady Center is located right beside campus and has an infinity pool (pictured) which Yale-NUS students can swim in. It isn’t Olympic-sized, but is still quite large and a good facility to make use of.

The soccer team holds their trainings on the pitch at United World College (UWC), just two bus stops from campus. Equally closely located are a variety of sports facilities on the main NUS campus, including tennis courts used by the Yale-NUS tennis team. Various dance groups within Yale-NUS can make us of the dedicated dance room to host their training, but there are even more dance rooms in Utown.

For casual play, the table-tennis table near the Cendana courtyard is a popular spot for students to unwind in their spare time, as is the foosball table in Elm. The Utown green is also a much-loved location for casual games of frisbee and football.

Do keep in mind that Yale-NUS has its own fully functional gym (pictured), which is open at night as well as during the day. At the same time, YNC students are free to take advantage of the gym facilities at Utown as well.