Where are the best places to study on campus?


Where are the best places to study on campus?


The study culture at Yale-NUS is quite strong, and there are lot of good places to study on campus, as well as a lot of variety. The library is a good space for quiet work, and there is a 24-hour section that is open exclusively to Yale-NUS students. The electric outlets are excellent–there are several built into each desk.

The library also has a computer lab where students can take advantage of the Macs and use multiple screens at once for their work. It is also possible to book group study rooms in the library or other classrooms around the campus in order to collaborate with peers without disturbing other students. Some students find it helps their study process to make use of the white boards and write their working out.

Some students choose to study in the butteries (there is one buttery for each residential college), but it must be kept in mind that these places are often busy, so they might be too distracting. On the plus side, the butteries are a good spot to get some brain food while you work (not every butter is open daily, but on any given day there is at least one buttery in operation. This depends on the student’s willingness to walk to a different residential college). Operating hours are supper times – usually from 10 PM to 12 AM – but the room is still available at other hours if you are looking for someplace to sit.

The common lounges (also one per residential college) are popular locations for quiet work that have both couches and desks, depending on the student’s preferences. The couches are soft and often made use of as nap locations, especially around finals time. The drawback is that the common lounges are rather dimly lit, and this may prove to be an obstacle to nighttime studying, particularly if you are not relying on your laptop.

Of course, it is always possible to study in one’s room, or even outdoors in the skygardens (although the latter are rendered unusable in the rain). A lot of students find that their suite is not a great place to work in because it’s very easy to get too relaxed or distracted. If you know where to look, there are plenty of other locations for study scattered around the camps.

Off campus, a considerable amount of students enjoys going to Utown to do their work in the nearby Starbucks. Unlike other Starbucks locations, this café is on NUS property, which means that students can technically use the outdoor seating without ordering any drinks. Many take advantage of this fact by sitting at the tables overlooking the Utown green.