What’s the party scene like?


What’s the party scene like?


There isn’t a huge party culture on campus because there is a strong study culture in Singapore, and in Yale-NUS. At the end of freshman orientation, there is an official freshman mixer where students can drink and dance in a comfortable environment. Parties are also held by students in their suites, especially during peak times, such as after a lot of deadlines are complete, or around recess week. The amount of activity in a residential college (RC) depends on the students, but certain RCs definitely hold more parties than others.

Also, there is a significant amount of class-segregation, as freshman parties host mostly other freshmen; the same goes for senior parties and so on, but this is more of a trend than a rule. Big parties will usually hold people from all graduating classes.

For people who prefer to party more often, there is usually some group of students going out clubbing on the more popular nights.

Underage drinking is mostly a non-issue on campus, since the Singaporean drinking age is 18. Moreover, the high cost of alcohol ensures that most students drink in moderation.