What merit-based scholarships are on offer at UCT?


I’m not eligible for any need-based financial aid, but I am achieving very good marks at school. Are there any merit-based scholarships and what do I need to do to qualify for them?


There are various merit-based scholarships on offer at UCT, with the vast majority of them being faculty specific.

The first kind are called Faculty Entrance Scholarships and the criteria vary based on the faculty that you enroll in at UCT. The requirements generally include a combination of your NBT results as well as your final matric marks. For example, for the Science faculty you need a minimum Faculty Points Score of 720 (a score calculated based on adding your matric marks, with some subjects excluded and some weighted more highly based on the faculty - for the Science faculty Mathematics and Physical Science count double) as well as above 80% for Maths to be eligible for a scholarship, and there are then different values of scholarships you could attain based on your final marks. See this link [http://www.dsa.uct.ac.za/student-funding-administration/scholarships/entrance] to find the information regarding each specific faculty’s requirements.

In addition, there is the Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarship worth R40 000 for three years which is awarded to the top 5 IEB or NSC applicants to UCT each year, or is one of the top ten in the Maths, English or Computer Science Olympiad.

Hope this helps.