What kinds of religious groups are there at Yale-NUS?


What kinds of religious groups are there at Yale-NUS?


Probably the biggest religious group at Yale-NUS is the Christian Fellowship, although they are not formally recognized as a student organization. This is because all school-mandated groups (that are official, and receive funding from the school) must enable any individual to become members of the executive committee. However, CF limits eligibility for being on the executive committee to Christians. Nevertheless, they play a significant role in the religious lives of many Christian students and host a wide range of events.

Ubi Caritas is the name of Yale-NUS’s Catholic student organization. Personally, I was surprised that this was a distinction made in Singapore. As it is, “Christian” generally describes Protestants, which are the majority at the moment. Catholics are distinguished from this group and the differences in practice between the two groups are quite pronounced here. Although these two groups generally hold events separately, they come together at certain points in the year, including Easter.

Recently, students have also formed the Muslim Student Association (MSA). There is also the Jewish Association.