What kind of food does the dining hall serve? Are there different options? How is it, really?


What kind of food does the dining hall serve? Are there different options? How is it, really?


The food served at the dining hall is quite good, the school puts a lot of work into having a very international cuisine. The food is might get repetitive after long enough, but it is fairly healthy, and there are a lot of options, so the students’ complaints are a bit excessive for the quality of the meals. If you ask students from other residential colleges in NUS, most agree that the food quality is better at Yale-NUS.

The dining hall serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner on weekdays. It always has a selection of vegetarian options as well as Halal-certified dishes for Muslim students. There is a selection of drinks, salads, fruits, and soups in addition to the main dishes. There is no limitation on the amount of servings you can get, as long as the dining hall is still open.

Every week, each residential college has a particular day set aside for a “Green and Healthy” lunch where all dishes served are vegetarian. If anything, the food is usually a little bit better than usual on these days. However, students that really don’t want to eat vegetarian can just go to a different RC to eat lunch on that day. Dining halls also have theme nights for particular cuisines (e.g. Japanese, Spanish, etc.) featuring food that is not usually served on a daily basis.

On Saturdays and Sundays, breakfast and lunch are instead combined into brunch, available from 10:00 to 1:00 PM.

Students who are in a rush during the week can make use of the “Grab and Go” option at Café Agora. This enables them to exchange a “meal tap” (tapping in their student card, worth one meal at the dining hall) for a sandwich or wrap (vegetarian options available!) and a drink of their choice. This is extremely useful if class, meetings, and other work prevent students from sitting down for a full meal.

If none of this works out, or if you’re looking for a bit more variety, students can always make the trip to Utown for a meal from any of the stalls at (discounted) NUS student prices.

For a look at the week’s dining hall menu, please see this page on the Yale-NUS website: https://studentlife.yale-nus.edu.sg/dining-experience/daily-dining-menu/