What is the flatting lifestyle like at UoA?


What is the flatting lifestyle like at the University of Auckland?


The flatting lifestyle in Auckland can be broken down into two areas. The fist is city center. City center flatting typically comprises of living in an apartment. This comes with both positives and negatives. It has the benefit of being close to campus and is not terribly difficult to get in to. However, the apartments are generally over-priced, confined, noisy and tend to lack lighting if on lower levels.

Hence the other option, flatting in the suburbs, is often a more preferred option. There are numerous suburbs in Auckland that are within adequate distance to bus, bike or even walk to uni. Again, flatting in Auckland tends to be expensive, but there is no real way around this without sacrificing quality. In my opinion, flatting in the suburbs is great fun. There is more space than living in the city and generally parking space on the road which is handy. Having a car can be great for visiting other flats or experiencing Auckland. There are generally flat parties held by fellow students, particularly in the earlier weeks of the semester, and these tend to be far better than any alternative in the halls.

Overall flatting is a great way to have fun, be it with complete strangers or with friends.