What is the entrepreneurship scene at the University of Canterbury like?


Tell me about competitions, businesses, mentorship, clubs please!


Its great! Obviously I can only speak from my experience at UC but we’ve got a whole center and incubator program devoted to entrepreneurship. The mentors there are the best aspect about he center, they’re always wanting you to succeed but they offer realistic advice. There’s no beating around the bush, but that’s great, all the mentors have done extremely well so they always know what they’re on about.

The incubator program has been the starting point for many young entrepreneurs who stared studying at UC, just check out he story of Wireless guard or Kitset assemblies to see how far some have come!

There is also a club devoted to entrepreneurship. They host awesome events and act a great way to network the business world around chch. The club and the center act as am awesome gateway to get involved in the entrepreneurship scene within chch.

Chch is also booming at the moment, with the potential new buildings lots of resources have been devoted to innovation and entrepreneurship.



This is great.