What is the difference between lower, middle and upper campus?


I know there are three campuses but where will I live/work/is the gym? How far is it between the campuses and how do I get around them?


The three central UCT campuses are Upper, Middle and Lower.

Lower Campus - most residences, music and the performing arts, as well as the gym, pool, climbing wall, squash courts etc
Middle Campus - Law faculty, administration, and the cricket oval
Upper Campus - Smuts and Fuller residences, most faculties (other than Medicine and Fine Art), most sports facilities, most events, and generally the main site of university activity

However, there are other campuses dotted around Cape Town, such as Hiddingh (fine art and drama) and the Health Science Campus.

Upper, middle and lower campus are all within easy walking distance of each other (approx. 10 - 20min from Lower to Upper) or alternatively jammies are very regular between Lower and Upper Campus. Jammies run from both Upper and Lower to the other campuses, and so those studying Fine Arts, Drama or Medicine will find themselves spending a lot of time commuting and on campus. For the rest, you can expect to spend a good chunk of your day on campus during the week, and perhaps on the weekend, depending on the work environment which suits you best.