What is the Common Curriculum?


What is the Common Curriculum?


As it’s written on Yale-NUS website: “The Common Curriculum is an essential part of the academic life at Yale-NUS. Courses are created to be multi-disciplinary and to drive critical, creative and active thinking.” This description is kinda vague, but it gives you some clue about the idea behind Common Curriculum. There are 10 modules in Common Curriculum which are obligatory for every student in order to graduate from Yale-NUS and are supposed to expose a student to very different academic fields. So, the idea is that a student will broaden their understanding of the world and this will assist them in choosing what major they want to pursue.


I would like to expand on the previous comment and share my experience with Common Curriculum. It is an absolutely fantastic idea to create this set of 10 modules from various academic disciplines! Upon completion of them, you feel like an entirely different person with such an extensive knowledge and understanding of the world. I would advocate going to Yale-NUS just because of Common Curriculum.