What is the best design school in NZ?


I’m interested in Graphic design or illustration.


Massey Design School in Wellington or AUT in Auckland would be the two best for design.

Both would do graphics.

AUT is slightly larger I think and from what others say, it seems to be very ‘intense and busy.’ It’s in Auckland which means lots of job opportunities and internships and AUT is more business related too.

Massey University has really nice design buildings and you can incorporate a range of different design elements together (such as graphics, photography and textiles working together). It’s based in Wellington, which is a very cultural and diverse are of NZ, which to me is an important area of design.

I chose to go to Massey to study Textile design because of the cultural city it is based in, hostels available and choice of course. The hostels and flats in Wellington are far cheaper then Auckland. My design course allows me to study a range of different design areas in first year. I can try graphics, type and drawing, all of which I haven’t done before. From there I can specify in a chosen area of design. There are also many scholarships and internships, nationally and internationally.

Both Universities, however, come out with strong degrees, which are well respected.