What is the atmosphere on campus?


What is the atmosphere on campus?


This answer depends on the lifestyle of a particular person. For instance, I dedicate most of my time to academics and prefer to work by myself. So, I do not actively participate in “campus life” and hangouts. For me, the atmosphere on campus is both exciting and stressful, partially because my campus life mostly happens in classrooms, lecture halls, and my room. I am sure that other students here would give completely different answers to this question


I think that atmosphere on campus is vivacious. There is constantly something happening. One day there might be a Chinese New Year celebration, and the next day there might a piano performance by one of Yale-NUS’s students. I really enjoy studying with my friends in a common lounge, a buttery, or any classroom. It’s just fun! Moreover, we always help each other in explaining various ideas. The atmosphere is amazing and I am happy to be here!