What is Baxter hall residence like?


What is Baxter hall like and how is it arranged? Do we get to pick our rooms?


Baxter Hall is arranged in a square-like form with 9 blocks (pavs) around the square. From the entrance you pass into reception and then into the foyer. There is also a room known as the Mnet room.

First years do not get to pick rooms; they get allocated rooms instead. Almost all the rooms are single rooms except in block (pav) 8 where you will find double rooms. Returning students, on the other hand, do get to select their rooms.


The impression I have gotten from friends at Baxter is that it is a very pleasant environment for first years, and I haven’t heard any complaints as to the experience of living there. It’s located within easy walking distance of both Upper Campus and shops on Main Road, and is right next door to a jammie stop. Meals are shared with Kopano residence, and while this means a short walk to the dining hall, it will mean you’ll meet more people than you would otherwise, and are bound to form lasting friendships. Best of luck for the year ahead!