What faculty is best for a broad degree?


I’ve found that my interests lie across many faculties and degrees. What route/degree/faculty is best for accommodating my diverse range of academic interests? Is there a way of doing subjects like Psychology, Statistics and Economics together?


When it comes to crafting a broad degree, the humanities faculty is by far the best way to do such at UCT. A general BSocSci or BA (the main degrees offered by the faculty) only require that you do one humanities major and that you do at least 12 courses within the humanities faculty during your degree (you have to take at least 20 but most people end up doing more than that).
Both Economics and Psychology are humanities majors at UCT and thus you could easily take all 3 of your majors in one degree (apart from the high work load of a triple major). A humanities degree is very easy to change and craft to suit your interests and this means that, even if your interests mainly lie in the Science Faculty but you’re set on also doing a major in Sociology, you would probably find yourself doing a humanities degree with a large number of sciences courses.

See the 2017 Faculty handbooks here for further information: http://www.students.uct.ac.za/students/study/handbooks/current