What does it take to get a law degree in New Zealand?


I am interested in law and one of my parents’ friends is a lawyer but I don’t know what it takes - could you fill me in please?


Hi Curious George!

A Law Degree/ LLB is a four year degree, however, in UoA, in the first year they make you take law along with other subjects. Most students do conjoint degrees e.g. Law and Arts or Law and Commerce etc, and this would be a five-year program where you graduate with a degree in law and another field of your choice. But the minimum requirement to pursue a law degree is to get accepted into another bachelors degree e.g. arts, commerce etc and if you can still gain entry into second year law and do a conjoint, or even just law for the next four years. For other unis, from what ive heard, just a law degree itself is offered which is a four year degree, which you can do without having done that first year of study in another field.


Your GPA from your first year determines if you are allowed into the next year of law and essentially the law degree program. I know for Auckland, Vic, and Otago, these papers aren’t a full time load, so you will need to take other papers too - like from the BA or BCom. Otherwise you can enroll as a part-time student and just take those three or four first year law papers (a full time load is usually six to eight papers). But essentially you never know if you are going to be accepted into doing a law degree until you have taken those first year papers and scored a high enough average.