What degree do I do if I have no idea what I want to do?


I don’t know what career I want to go to and have little idea what subjects I am interested in. Is there a degree I can choose that is quite broad and covers a lot of bases?


Finding the degree best fit for you isn’t easy and a lot of the time you find that many students can’t do that in first year. Don’t feel bad if you can’t either.
If you are looking for a very broad degree try something in commerce, a Bcom degree can be very useful and the modules you do in first year are similar if not the same to what every Bcom and BBusSc student is doing. In second year you can then choose which majors you would like to branch out to, like for example accounting, law, finance, economics, actuary, marketing and many more. (here is a link to the faculty handbook for more info http://www.students.uct.ac.za/usr/apply/handbooks/2017/COM_UG_2017.pdf )
Many science degrees are usually in detail from day one and it seems harder to switch in the case that you change you mind whereas a Bcom degree in first year can lead to many different paths.