What clubs or other opportunities exist for community service?


What clubs or other opportunities exist for community service?


It is a common practice for students to volunteer or tutor people younger than them outside of the school. For the students that are international, it is more difficult for them to actually get involved in the greater Singapore community outside of Yale-NUS or the greater NUS world. There is a bit of a bubble that contains the international students inside the school, and it exists to a lesser extent for the students who are residents of Singapore.

However, there are a lot of student groups in Yale-NUS that provide opportunities for volunteer work. KidsAccomplish! Enrichment is a program founded by YNC students that creates enrichment classes for primary school students. It aims to utilize the Liberal Arts and Sciences model in order to encourage holistic and creative learning in local children.

There is a group of YNC students that goes regularly to volunteer at the Institute of Mental Health (IMH). Students are able engage with patients and help IMH staff with various activities.

For something closer to home, the student organization P.S. We Care is a group that provides a listening ear, a safe space, and peer counseling and support for Yale-NUS students. They are available on many evenings to provide other students with comfort. P.S. We Care also holds a variety of events to promote student welfare, and it is all student-run!