What are tutorials and how do they work?


I have heard there are tutorials at UCT. What are they and what do they involve on a weekly basis?


Tutorials are the closest you’ll get to a traditional high-school classroom environment at university. Most courses have weekly tutorial sessions where you go to a smaller venue and work on prescribed content with your tutor (who is normally an older, more qualified student or even a lecturer on occasion). Depending on the course, you may go over an assignment that you had to do and hand in before the tut (this is common in Economics and Accounting courses), you may work through tut packs of questions on the lecture content or you may simply go through the content that you’ve been doing in lectures in a classroom setting with far more scope for discussion.

Most courses will require you to attend a high percentage of your weekly tuts to be granted ‘Duly Performed’ (which is based on your attendance and marks and allows you to write the exam). Courses that expect you to hand in your completed ‘tut’ beforehand will also require that you complete a certain percentage of hand ins for DP.

Tuts are a great, interactive way to make you directly engage with your material and allow you to work with other people in your course.