What are some big campus events?


What are some big campus events?


There is a parents’ weekend every year that allows the parents of the students who are not local to come and visit.

One of the biggest events of the year, however, is the Experience Yale-NUS Weekend, when the prospective students all come to the school, and visit to try and experience student life. It is a huge event because the students are flown in from all over the world. Yale-NUS College covers all the expenditures for the prospective students including airfare, accommodation and food.

On a smaller scale is the annual Open House, which involves the entire NUS campus, including Utown and Yale-NUS. Thousands of students come to Open House every year to get an understanding on what student life is like, the options they’ll have at university, and the different advantages and disadvantages of various colleges. There are plenty of fun and informative events going on at YNC at this time that can hopefully give junior college graduates an insight into the college experience.