University of Sydney Double Degree medicine


Part of the admissions requirement of the double degree program is a ‘semi-structured interview and written assessment.’ What does the written assessment involve?


The written assessment usually involves three short questions asking quite general questions such as: “what qualities do you bring to USyd?”; “How is an undergraduate degree important to transition to a degree in Medicine?” and “What are the qualities a doctor must have?”.


Thank you! Would you be able to give some insight into the interview process too? Is it similar to the MMI of Auckland uni?


As @moluni.97 points out, the interview process is quite simple and unlike the very similar MMI to UoA for Postgraduate entry, with 8 different stations each of 7 minutes duration, with 2 minutes to prepare before each one.

Regardless, the process for preparation for these interviews is the same, with by far the most important thing being practice.

When practicing, I recommend replicating the environment/layout as much as you can. It will make you appreciate the challenge of thinking on your feet, and will help you be more comfortable/resilient for the real interview. MedView’s Auckland MMI Course is a useful way to get this practice given that MMIs are the most challenging form of interview, and is like running with weights for extra training. They have a full Mock MMI at the end of the course to taste what it’s like doing this in a new environment in front of people you don’t know - more challenging than with purely friends/family.

P.S. Don’t forget, you’ll need a 99.95 ATAR to be considered for an Interview at the University of Sydney, so make sure to stand out academically and in your overall character too!


University of Sydney doesn’t have an MMI for the double degree programme. They have a more basic interview consisting of predictable questions like, “Why medicine?” “Why this course” etc. I know because I have been called for the interview and I have asked a few people about it. I’m still not entirely sure about the written assesment though…even that’s supposed to be straight forward though…


Thanks for clarifying @moluni.97, I mistakenly was talking about the Postgraduate Admissions for the University of Sydney rather than the Double Degree programme - have edited my answer now.