University of Melbourne Bachelor of Biomedicine Entry Requirements


‘18 credits of English with at least 10 credits achieved with Merit, 18 credits of Chemistry with at least 10 credits achieved with Merit and 18 credits of Mathematics with Calculus with at least 10 credits achieved with Merit.’

I am not taking Level 3 English so a couple of questions.

  1. Does this paragraph (from the University of Melbourne website) refer to Level 3 credits?
  2. There is a general Level 3 English requirement for this university (covered by NCEA 18 credits with at least 10 at Merit) that can also be satisfied by IELTS / TOEFL and I am wondering if this English requirement for Biomedicine is covered by the same alternatives or if it is required as the Level 3 credits.

I have tried contacting them countless times and I only get copy/pasted answers from the website which are obviously unhelpful.


Hi onezerosix,

I did high school here in Australia but my interpretation of your question is

  1. Yes, it would refer to level 3 credits

  2. If IELTS satisfies the broader Unimelb English requirements (which it does), it only makes sense that it also satisfies specific courses’ english requirements.

Again, I’m not an expert on this matter so take that with a grain of salt, however I would recommend contacting them via phone/live chat (their support is called “Stop One”) as you’ll be talking live with someone, rather than receiving an automated response.

Hope this helps!