UCT Rochester House


Hey everyone.

I’ve been accepted into Rochester House and was wondering if anyone had any information on what it’s like to live there and how the people are etc.



Hey there! Congratulations on being accepted into res at UCT. Rochester is a residence near the medical campus (North of Groote Schuur hospital) which houses both male and female students. The res consists of single rooms with access to a TV lounge.

All students in this residence also have convenient access to multiple facilities include a swimming pool, squash courts, an area for functions as well as computer labs.

Second year medicine students are placed into this res so you are bound to meet a number of them. You’ll soon find out that most med kids are pretty passionate about what they do so you can expect a few conversations to be orientated this way :wink:

While Rochester is further to upper campus than Fuller, Smuts and the lower campus residences, you need not fear as a Jammie Shuttle will provide you with the necessary transport to and from the university.

As with UCT students in general, you will find a great diversity of people most of whom are friendly and easy-going. You are given the advantage of living with both men and women unlike most other reses. This will most definitely bring some extra entertainment to your evening meals which take place in your own private dining hall.

Good luck and enjoy!