Sydney Double Degree/UNSW Medicine


I am currently an extension student year 12 (this year) and have completed 3 AS (maths, chem, bio) all A grade. I really want to pursue medicine. My main considerations are the University of Sydney double degree, as well as UNSW medicine. Should I sit the UMAT this year, along with completing 3 A-levels and 2 more AS and try get into medicine next year (when I should be year 13), or stay at school in year 13, and do the UMAT then and apply.


I would definitely recommend staying for year 13!

If you’re looking to study at Australian Medical Schools, especially the University of Sydney, you need all the preparation you can get. They only consider applicants who have an ATAR of 99.95 which means you will need a minimum of 3 A’s at A Level*. While it sounds like you can achieve this by the end of Year 12, it is not 100% certain and would be the bare minimum for consideration there - you’d be far better off staying the extra year, adding more solid grades while also optimising your extracurricular/leadership experiences in preparation for the Interview.

As for the UMAT, the University of Sydney specifically doesn’t look at UMAT scores, though UNSW and almost all other Australian Medical Schools do so it is worth starting preparation for the UMAT this year ahead of sitting it next year.


cheers for the advice mate