Singapore Management University: Undergraduate Degree Programs



What are the undergraduate degree programs offered at SMU?


SMU currently offers 6 undergraduate degree programmes - Accountancy, Business Management, Economics, Information Systems, Law and Social Sciences.


Thanks! Are all these degree programs four years or shorter in duration? Can I complete a program in less than 4 years?


Its great to know that you are planning to achieve more in less time!

Non-Law single degree students enrolled in SMU may be able to complete the programme in 3 years or 3.5 years or 4 years, through the granting of credits or course exemptions (up to 5 credits/course exemptions may be given) or fast-tracking by taking more courses during the regular terms or summer terms (subject to approval from the Deans).

Students who intend to fast-track are advised to plan their course time-table wisely in order to maximise learning opportunities. Most SMU students see the value of spending 4 years at SMU to broaden their knowledge base and real-life skills through internships and global exposure opportunities.

The duration of the law programme for single degree students is 4 years while those enrolled in the double degree programme (DDP) complete the DDP in 5 years.