Scholarships for Nz students


Are there any entry level scholarships for Nz students at Australian universities ?
(Like that of Top achievers scholarship at University of Auckland).

Scholarship for Nz students aspiring for medicine

Yes, if you score a high enough ATAR you can be automatically awarded merit scholarships. Most commonly, top scholars that score a 99.95 ATAR will be awarded Chancellors Awards.

Here is more information on the University of Sydney Chancellors Award:

These scholarships are generally available at other popular institutions such as the University of Melbourne.

For more information on how to get a 99.95, you can visit the following threads:

NCEA student: 99.95 ATAR with NCEA
CIE student: Grades needed to achieve 99.95% ATAR with CIE?

If you are taking the IB, you will need to score a 45.

If you are also interested in living at a Residential College in Australia, then each of these have their own scholarships for which you can apply (not automatically awarded).