Scholarship for School Leavers with NCEA



Are there any scholarships available for NZ students studying NCEA for universities in Aus? I know that you can get your NCEA credits converted to an ATAR score, but to be eligible for basically any scholarship offered by an Australian university (from what I understand), you are required to have studied Year 12 in Australia.

This year I will be Year 13, and wish to study Veterinary Science or some other Bachelor of Science(Biology) degree at Melbourne/Sydney Uni.



For Sydney University, there is the Sydney Scholars scholarship, worth up to $10,000 AUD for each year of undergrad (I received this). This year it was offered to people with ATAR (real or converted) of about 99.85+ (based on which of my classmates did and didn’t receive it, but the application process also involves some holistic judgements).

As New Zealanders, we qualify as domestic applicants (unless Australia is specifically stated)

There are also other scholarships:

I’m not familiar with Melbourne University as I pulled my application after being accepted into Syd w/ scholarship.


Thanks for the good news!

Do you know if some subjects are weighted more than others when converting NCEA to ATAR? I will be taking Bio/Chem/Phys/Eng/?(Stats or Japanese) this year, but have the option of doing Japanese(if I don’t select Japanese as my 5th subject) and DTP outside of class. I took calc last year, so I’m not too sure if I would be wasting my time doing stats this year. When converting to ATAR, because they look at the best 90 Lvl 3 credits, would it be a better idea to take as many subjects as I can?

Any other tips for the Sydney Scholars scholarship? Or any other Sydney Uni scholarship?



They take your top 90 credits from NCEA in the last 2 years, so if you get 90 Excellence Credits in Level 3 in Year 12/13, you’ll have a perfect ATAR (99.95). However, there is some holistic consideration in the application process, so I’d definitely recommend taking subjects that are challenging and relevant to your intended degree, to both impress the deciding committee and also provide a great foundation for what you want to study.
Personally, I would try and still study at least one maths subject, just to stay rounded in that regard, but if you have a real passion for Japanese then I doubt it’ll hurt your chances much!
Not too many other tips, other than be yourself through the application and make sure to talk about why you’re passionate in the areas you want to study! Feel free to ask any more questions you may have! :slight_smile:


Do you know when the Sydney Scholar scholarships are awarded to NZ student applicants?

Late-November Conditional Offers Issued - Except for Scholarships on Hardship Grounds and Accommodation Scholarships
Mid-December Firm Scholarship Offers Issued - Except for Sydney Scholars Awards on Hardship Grounds
Late-January Firm Scholarship Offers for Sydney Scholars Awards on Hardship Grounds Issued

Will they include external credits from Year 13 in the 90 credits they convert to ATAR? Just a bit worried since NCEA external results are released a month later than ATAR results.


I received notification that I would be getting a scholarship of some description in late November, subject to a 97+ ATAR. When I got my final results on the 6th of January, the amount I would’ve received was finalised!

And yes, completely! They give you a conditional offer based on internal and Level 2 performance, and then confirm the amount you receive after your final results come out - just make sure to allow UAC and Sydney to see your NCEA results! Have a chat to your schools NCEA coordinator to make sure this is already good to go.