Scholarship for Nz students aspiring for medicine


Are there any major undergraduate of postgraduate scholarships for Nz students at undergraduate or postgraduate level of Australian universities ?


You can refer to this thread for undergraduate funding information: Scholarships for Nz students

Bear in mind you will be considered a domestic student as a New Zealander in AU, meaning that you will be awarded a Commonwealth Supported Place, significantly lowering your fees thanks to the Australian Govt.

There are a wealth of postgraduate scholarships too, best found on each university’s websites. Using the University of Sydney as an example, you can use this page as a starting point for your scholarship search:


Thanks a lot for your information @guy.wallace6 .
But didn’t the Australian government in mid 2017 revoke the commonwealth supporting places for Australian residents and New Zealand citizens ?


No that did not pass the senate in the latest Australian budget thus the status quo remains.

It will be important to keep an eye on this over time, especially if you are applying in a few years.