SAX Appeal


What is SAX Appeal? I’ve heard some pretty bad stories… do all first years have to take part?


At the start of the year, first year students who stay in res are expected to take part in SAX Appeal. Essentially, res students are woken up around 4am, and taken by bus to various intersections around Cape Town, where they sell the SAX Appeal magazine to drivers for several hours of the morning. The proceeds go to funding RAG and SHAWCO, UCT charity initiatives. Although waking up early is pretty unappealing, you are normally able to stick with your friends, and making sales can be both fun and rewarding, or stressful, depending on your personality, and the intersection you’re placed on.

Whether or not you’re pressured into joining depends largely on the residence you’re in. For example, students in Kopano and Baxter were pretty much obligated to take part, while those in Graca Michel were not. Non-res students can also take part, but this is completely a personal choice.

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