Official Transcript


When a company like EY, Deloitte etc asks for a OFFICIAL transcript when applying for an internship, do they mean the one where you have to request and pay $30 and not the one where you can get off the students center?


If they ask for an Official Transcript, yes that is the one where you have to request and pay $30.

If they ask for an Unofficial Transcript like most firms do, it is enough to save your transcript from SSO and submit that. It is likely that they will ask for verification of this via an official transcript if you are to receive an offer later


James is correct that for the Official Transcript, requesting online and paying $30 was how it’s been done until now, though some good news just announced by The University of Auckland explains how from March 2017, the whole process will be digital and completely free.

So if you aren’t in a rush to get an official transcript this month, I’d recommend waiting to use this convenient new feature!


Awesome thanks so much!


Handy!! Thank you for the heads up!!


it only applies to graduates!!