NZ vs Canadian secondary education


Does anyone have experience as a parent, educator or student in both the New Zealand and Canadian secondary school systems, specifically public (as good private schools can be found in both countries), and is able to provide some generalized insight into how they compare; the curriculum, how this is taught, academic achievement (in NZ this seems to depend a great deal on school decile), teacher quality, sports programming, cultural aspects, etc.

Our children are currently in Canadian elementary schools. We are considering returning to Auckland for high school, and are reviewing the more general question;

Should we choose not to send them to private school, in which country is the possibility for a strong education higher? Of course a lot will depend on the city/school, not to mention the child, parental support, but if there is any general insight as to how some of the aspects mentioned above compare, I would be keen to hear these.

If we decide to return to Auckland, the next question will be whether to go private or public (is $100K+ per child really worth the investment), and then which school. But that’s another topic.

I’m aware that academically, Auckland’s top schools are mostly the private ones, the best seem to have highest fees. And going private is a consideration. But should we choose not to go down the private path and send our children to a state school in NZ, I am wondering how the education they may get there, will generally compare to one from a public school in Canada.

Any insight, no matter how generalized, will be helpful at this point.


Hi Anonymous119

As you’ve noted, there are many factors that would be considered in making this comparison. Before we can give you a more comprehensive response, it would be important to understand 1) Where in Canada are you now? and 2) What country do you hope they will receive their tertiary education in?