Masters in the US after BMS



I have completed my BMS from HR College in Mumbai. Is it true that since my degree is 3 years I will need 4 years of undergrad to apply ? Does this make me no eligible to apply to the US for my Masters?



Almost every undergrad degree in India is 3 years long. This does not prevent one to apply to the US for admissions. Here are couple of things that could be done to apply and support your application -

  • Drop an email to the international admissions department explaining your profile and asking them if it is OK to apply with a 3 year undergrad degree. More and more colleges are now dropping the 4 year undergrad criteria as they have come to understand that colleges outside the US could have a 3 year program.

  • If you want to be extremely safe you could consider doing an MCom by correspondence through Mumbai University. This is not very intensive and you could easily gain a full time work experience that would also help supplement your application

  • Go through WES - World Evaluation Services. This is an online portal that converts your degree and grades to standardised American GPA. A WES credential evaluation makes it easier for admissions officers to understand your degrees, courses and grades in U.S. term.

Hope this helps,

Best of luck :slight_smile: