Management v Finance at UOA?


Thinking of majoring in Finance or management with accounting for a BCom degree. I know finance and management are quite different majors but just want to know if:

  1. Maths is a big deal in finance
  2. general workload of each course
  3. what jobs each major could lead to and employability at the end of the degree
  4. which major would ‘go better’ with accounting

Great questions!

I’m currently in my fourth year of a Commerce/Science conjoint majoring in Finance, Accounting and Applied Mathematics. Here are my answers :slight_smile:

  1. Maths certainly does play a large role in finance, but not to the extent that if you aren’t a maths whiz you should forgo taking it as a major! Studying Finance as a major at UoA, you will be required to sit Maths 208 as a prerequisite. Applying yourself and doing well in this paper will ensure you have the mathematical knowledge required to do well across virtually all finance papers.

  2. I can’t speak for Management as a major first-hand, but in speaking with my fellow classmates I would say that Finance papers are definitely at the higher end of the spectrum when it comes to workload. As with anything, consistently staying on top of assignments and problem sets, as well as reading ahead and preparing for lectures will ensure you can tackle each paper confidently.

  3. In my experience, Finance, Accounting, and Economics are renowned as the ‘most difficult’ and ‘most useful’ majors in a UoA commerce degree. As a function of this, double majoring in two of these (and doing well in both) will make you incredibly employable. I would stress here, though, that there are far more factors than just what you choose to study when it comes to employability: GPA, extracurriculars (see my answer on the value of case competitions), work/internship experience all come heavily in to play when employers look assess candidates for employment. As for specific jobs, students often look to pursue careers in management consulting, investment banking, accounting, or ‘business development’ type roles.

  4. Finance and Accounting have some lovely synergies. A lot of what you will study in Finance revolves around company valuation; studying accounting will give you a more comprehensive understanding of how to interpret the relevant documents when approaching these valuations. In studying accounting, you will learn how and why business choose (or have to) report things in a particular way, and often times this nuanced understanding can help you in both your valuation approaches, as well as your general understanding of business.

In my experience, I feel as though they are two halves of the same coin and there have been many instances where my knowledge and understanding from one major has crossed over and assisted me in the other.

I hope you’ve found these answers valuable, and wish you all the best at UoA!