Is UCT diverse?


I am currently in grade 12 and am planning to go to either Wits or UCT next year. I would prefer to go UCT because well, it’s the best university in the country and moreover, the degree I want to study (astronomy and astrophysics) is more well-established at UCT as compared to Wits.

However, I have been speaking to people about it and am discouraged because I’ve been told that I will struggle socially at UCT because of the lack of diversity. Supposedly, it is filled with a lot of rich white people who are ‘bougie’ and will probably keep away from me (a middle-class Indian girl from Chatsworth). Objectively, I feel like this isn’t true and that I will be fine settling in at UCT, but because of what people have told me, I guess I’m still anxious. Any advice or experiences would be greatly appreciated!


Based on recent numbers coming out of UCT on student body makeup, UCT comprises just over 20% SA White students, about 54% non-white students (SA Black, SA Coloured; SA Indian), and the remaining 25% identify as “international” and “other”. Transformation is one of the goals of the UCT ( which highlights what needs to be done to develop UCT in particular ways over the next 5 to 10 years. Have a look at UCT plans towards non-racialism – redress, diversity, inclusiveness and the recognition of African voices to help you make your decision- good luck!