Is there freedom of speech at Yale-NUS?


Is there freedom of speech at Yale-NUS?


There is freedom of speech at Yale-NUS to a certain extent. The campus is mostly liberal, which means that there are certain sensitive topics that a person should be very careful talking about unless they have a particular opinion on those issues. As for now, I would say that the student body lacks broadness regarding its position on the political spectrum. It might be slightly uncomfortable to be in the college for people with strong conservative backgrounds.


This is a tough question to give an objective response to. However, I would argue that there is freedom of speech and people are perceptive at Yale-NUS. They might primarily be liberal, but they are able to listen to other ideas. A thorough argument from any political ideology would be well received and, I believe, seriously considered. Misunderstandings happen even in the most politically neutral community. Yale-NUS students are bright young people, and liberal education makes them flexible to different ideas.