Is there free academic support or tutoring? Is it effective?


Is there free academic support or tutoring? Is it effective?


The Yale-NUS Center for Teaching and Learning offers an excellent tutoring system. Peer tutors are trained by the CLT and paid an hourly basis by the school, so students can take advantage of these tutors free of charge. There is tutoring offered in the STEM field as well as languages and writing. Students can easily book appointments with tutors online. Alternatively, there are “drop-in” hours when students can get help without appointment. The tutors know a lot about their fields and are quite efficient at imparting this information to students, so in fact this process is extremely illuminating and helpful as a supplement to classes, especially if you’re struggling with something particular and you need it explained again, or in a different way.

I would only add that peer tutoring is only a supplement to all the other academic support available at the school. If you’ve got a very specific or pressing issue, it’s always a good idea to schedule a meeting with your professor and discuss it with them.

You can also get academic support at the library for help doing any kinds of research and from the Writer’s Center for essays, papers, application letters, and more.