Is there any support on campus for racial, gender, and sexual minorities?


Is there any support on campus for racial, gender, and sexual minorities?


There is! Yale-NUS is fortunate to have a lot of groups that promote the well-being and inclusivity of various minorities.

The G Spot is a prominent group that promotes the rights of gender and sexual minorities and involves itself in feminist discourse. The G Spot’s role is both as a support network and safe space for students as well as a vector for wider education and activism. They work closely with other NUS groups that deal with similar issues. To these ends, the G Spot hosts many events during the semester, both for LGBTQ+ individuals and for allies. You can take a look at their website here:

The recently formed Yale-NUS African, African-American, and Afro-Carribean Society (YAAAS) is an organization functioning as an inclusive space for individuals of African descent and a nexus for sharing various African cultures and awareness of relevant socioeconomic issues with the student body.

YNDUS is the South Asian Society at Yale-NUS. They celebrate South Asian culture and heritage and are responsible for hosting the annual Deepavali/Diwali celebrations, engaging the entire student body in the process.

Yale-NUS also has a European Society which hosts the popular annual Oktoberfest. I should stress that all of these groups, while formed to celebrate and include very specific cultures or groups, are intentionally open to all students. Their purpose is not only to provide safe spaces, but to encourage a broader awareness within the student body of various issues. This means that all students are free to engage with the group, run for the executive committee, turn up to events, and generally promote the spirit of these organizations.

In terms of languages, many groups in YNC hold weekly language tables where students can meet and have lunch in the same place while conversing with students that speak the same language. These include French, Spanish, Hokkien, Japanese, and other languages and dialects.